About Us

At http://www.kids-heels.com you can find a large assortment of therapeutic children footwear from the major trusted manufacturers: Bebetom, Minitin, Woopy Baby and etc. Their shoes are produced in Turkey by the latest standards and exclusively of high quality eco-friendly materials. All models are designed to meet the recommendations of the leading orthopedics of the country. Twice a year, designers and technologists produce new collections based on European latest fashion trends. These producers have been on the market for over 10 years and are trusted by million of happy customers. The main purpose of their shoes- prevention of disease and the correct formation of the foot. An important advantage of this shoe is the presence of a glued-laminated prosthetic calf, which prevents flat feet and relieves fatigue when walking. Additionally, all shoes uniquely have shock-absorbing sole with integrated valves for air circulation. In addition, all models are made by hand from natural materials only, with the anatomical features of the child's foot. Shoes on our website are not only extraordinarily beautiful and comfortable, but also provide the proper child's foot development. At kids-heels.com you have an opportunity to acquire unique orthopedic shoes with attractive design and colors. If you are still in doubt, remember to choose wisely, because you are making a choice for your kid's healthy and good living!

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