Chosing the natural leather shoes

Posted by Administrator on 2/19/2014
The question of what material the shoes should be made of is quite controversial. On one hand, modern production technologies allow to produce high-quality synthetic materials of good qualities: waterproof, breathable and so on. On the other hand, there is natural leather and fur footwear that holds the leading positions.

How our shoes are manufactured?

Posted by Administrator on 9/20/2013
Here is the photoproof how Woopy Shoes are manufactured. All shoes are handmade from natural materials.

Why Choose Orthopedic Children Shoes?

Posted by Administrator on 9/4/2013
What things you focus on while shopping shoes online? Fast delivery, cheap price, discounts, cute colors… When choosing kids footwear: infant shoes, baby shoes, pre-walkers, first walkers or toddler shoes you should remember that your choice will have life-long results. Early feet development is crucial and will define your kid’s health, walk and posture.

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